Lifestyle in Bhagalpur

Lifestyle in Bhagalpur is fast changing. Influence of western culture is evident in the lifestyle of the city. In Bhagalpur, people’s demographic values – personal choices, private preferences and individual outlooks are no longer rural life based, they are all now under influence of modernists’ art. For example, people are now eager to eat fast foods in sophisticated shops in the city and the menu is growing day after day. However, tourists can yet watch that rural surroundings have dissimilar lifestyles compared to a municipal Bhagalpur. This means, though western based modern lifestyle has developed in this district, yet people have not forgot the original Bharatiya (Indian) values. Let us see what lifestyle is prevailing in Bhagalpur city at present time of the year.

Lifestyle Changes in Bhagalpur

Basic Lifestyle Changes in Bhagalpur

Lifestyle of Bhagalpur brings three things together – food, clothes and properties. Residents now love to buy apartments, flats and premises and they are under rapid constructions for more people to live. People in Bhagalpur are now leaving their rural lifestyle. They go to office situated in various multi story buildings and at evening, they enjoy having the modern food or snacks and shopping in this silk city of Bihar state.

Changing Fashion Trends in Bhagalpur

High and trendy cum fashionable garments are accepted by the people of Bhagalpur. The city is famous for silk textile industries and called as the silk city of Bihar. Local and industrial weavers and designers have elevated the traditional lifestyle to the next level by presenting beautiful and stylish clothes in Bhagalpur. Apart from the popular Bhagalpuree silk saree for women, traditional footwear, jewelry and traditional art forms are presented in various fashion weeks and social gatherings in the district. There is no doubt that this tremendous change in traditional lifestyle actually affecting the original social values and folk culture.

Sagar Exports International
Manufacturer of Ladies, Gents and Kids garments
Kajichak Pannamill Road ,
Bhagalpur- 812005,
Bihar, India
Contact No. +91-8092219838

Near Priya and Puja Garments Shop, D N Singh Road,
Bhagalpur City, Bhagalpur - 812002
Contact No. + (91)-9470865908
Working days and hours- Mon to Sat- 11am to 6.30pm
Sun- 12pm to 5.30pm

Bata Shoe Store
No.110, D N Singh Road, Khalifabag,
Bhagalpur – 812002
Contact No. + (91)-9279179130, 18004192282
Working days- Mon to Sat
Working hours- 10am to 7.30pm

Gyms in Bhagalpur

The number of super specialty hospitals is increasing in the district and people are more inclined for sophisticated and higher level of treatment. In case of fitness, Bhagalpur citizens are showing their keen interests for high tech gyms, fitness houses and branded physical exercise houses there in the city. Yoga classes, martial arts training centers and meditation classes are now also there in Bhagalpur to keep residents fit and happy. Below there are the top class gymnasiums in the city:

Multi Gymnasium
Katahalbari, Khanjarpur,
Bhagalpur, Bihar 812002

Kavodiya Gym & Fitness Centre
S.V. Road, Near Bank of India,
Adampur, Bhagalpur
Contact No. 9661317041, 9199644633

Beauty Parlors in Bhagalpur

Tourists can expect a great environment here in Bhagalpur for trendy hairstyles, facial, massage, spa treatment and other beauty treatments for both men and women. They show dexterity with their wonderful skills of haircutting and other skin treatments. There are some top class salons, spas and beauty parlors which are mentioned below:

Sangam Beauty Parlor
Khalifabag Chowk, Bhagalpur H O, Bhagalpur - 812001
Contact No.+(91)-641-2303203, +(91)-9934413203
Working Days- Mon to Sun
Working Hours- 10am to 7.30pm

Chandramukhi Beauty Parlor
Near Manali Hotel, Ghuran Pir Baba Chowk,
Bhagalpur City, Bhagalpur - 812002
Contact No. +(91)-7050030873, 9472502470
Working Days- Mon to Sun
Working Hours- 10.30am to 7pm

Appu Gents Beauty Parlor
Tilkamanjihi Chowk,Jail Road,
Bhagalpur H O,
Bhagalpur - 812001
Contact No.(91)-9934097410
Working Days- Mon to Sat
Working Hours- 9am to 9pm

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Vivacious Food in Bhagalpur

Tourists can enjoy local dishes and western cuisines together as there are plenty of restaurants under top brands in Bhagalpur city now. Apart from these, fast food outlets and sweet shops are growing rapidly in both sides of the road in the city where travelers can enjoy different types of Indian sweets, spicy litti (Bihar is famous for this food), ladoos, namkeens and other snacks. Various groups organize food festival and food exhibition in the city frequently where all people can take part to enjoy delicious and mouth-watering Bhagalpuree dishes.

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